Descripción del proyecto

Social media for La Rueda Natural

We manage social media, content strategies and their creation for La Rueda Natural, and we love what they do.

La Rueda Natural is dedicated to the importation and distribution of certified natural and organic products: cosmetics, zero waste plasic-free products, aromatherapy, candles, incense and toxin-free products.

Its premises use 100% renewable energy. It works directly with projects in India, Fair Trade, local NGOs promoting organic farming, recycling, decent working conditions and the incorporation into the workforce of women in rural environments. It also works with family businesses in Europe supporting organic farming around the World and has school projects Germany and Africa.
La Rueda Natural supports local projects in Spain which have a positive social and environmental impact and dedicate part of their profits to NGOs to help with health, humanitarian emergency aid, refugee aid, child projects and aiding women in conditions of social and labour inequality.